Plenarist professor Stephen R. Barley

Professor Stephen R. Barley (Stanford University, USA)
“How do Technologies Change Organizations?”

Professor Linda McDowell (University of Oxford, UK)
“Back to the Future? Gender, Generations, Migration and Precarious Employment”

Professor, Vice-Principal Rosemary Deem (University of London, UK)
“Who is Actually Working in the Contemporary University and Who Values That Work? – A Rethinking of the New Meaning of Valuable Work in the Academy”

Professor Lisa Adkins (Newcastle University, Australia; Universities of Turku and Tampere, Finland)
“Assembling Unemployment”

Professor Pertti Koistinen (University of Tampere, Finland)
“Towards Understanding of Restructuring and Displaced Workers’ Employment”

Semiplenary 1: 

Excavating meaning at work: Ethnographies of the modern workplace
The session will be devoted to workplace ethography as a method for excavating the new meanings of work.

Professor Steven Vallas (Northeastern University, USA)
“Personal Branding as Myth and Ritual: Career Advice Texts and the Meaning of Work in an Age of Precarity “

Associate Professor Paul Leonardi (Northeastern University, USA)
“Social Transparency and the Changing Nature of Work”

Assistant Professor Ashley Mears (Boston University, USA)
“Relational Ethnography and the Production of Value”

Semiplenary 2: 

Professor John Zysman (University of California, Berkeley, USA)
“Work in the Digital Era: Choosing a Future”

Senior Adviser Esko Kilpi (Sitra, Finland)
“Work as interaction between interdependent people? The third way to work?”