WORK Conference

Welcome to the fourth International Interdisciplinary Conference on Research on Work and Working life held 14-16 August 2019, in Helsinki, Finland. The 2019 conference will look forward with the theme ‘Real Work in the Virtual World’. For more information, please visit WORK2019 conference website

The conference is organized by TCLS, the SWiPE Research Consortium, Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

The first three conferences on research on work, WORK2013, followed by WORK2015 and WORK2017 were organized in Turku, Finland, and each brought together nearly 400 participants from all over the world with excellent keynote and paper sessions. WORK2017 dealt with the interdisciplinary theme of the Digital Future. The theme for WORK2019 ‘Real Work in the Virtual World’ extends the themes of spatial and virtual work into the changing landscape of global work and labour.

We look forward to seeing you WORK Conferences!

On behalf of the organizing committee,

Anne Kovalainen



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