The conference organising and planning originates from TCLS, chair Anne Kovalainen, professor of Entrepreneurship at University of Turku. Throughout the years WORK conference has been able to establish it’s role as a high quality, multidisciplinary, international research forum for researchers on work and working life. WORK Conference has been organised biannually four times since 2013.

Building on the success of the interdisciplinary conferences WORK2013, WORK2015, WORK2017 and WORK2019, WORK2021 will be an international virtual forum for the exchange of research and experience among researchers and practitioners. The previous themes: 2013 – Continuities and Disruptions in Modern Life, 2015 – New Meanings of Work, 2017 – Work and Labour in the Digital Future and 2019 – Real Work in a Virtual World, have all addressed contemporary and timely questions of what shapes our societies globally and what will our ways of living and working look like.