SWiPE research consortium’s concluding seminar at WORK2019 on Friday

SWiPE – Smart Work in Platform Economy research consortium organises consortium’s concluding seminar at the WORK2019 conference. The seminar is part of the conference programme on Friday 16th of August.

Professor Martin Kenney gives his keynote speech titled Platform Dependent Entrepreneurs and Business: Understanding Power in the Platform Economy at 9:30 at the Finlandia Hall. The speech is followed by a panel discussion Digital Work in the Platform Economy. The discussants at the panel are SWiPE consortium leader, WORK2019 committee chair, professor Anne Kovalainen from the University of Turku, senior research fellow Seppo Poutanen from the University of Turku, senior economist Petri Rouvinen from ETLA/Avance Attorneys and chief scientist Laura Seppänen from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. The panelists are the leaders of SWiPE projects. The session will be presided by professor Steven Vallas from the Northeastern University, US.

The panel discussion addresses some key findings of a three-year research project on Smart Work in Platform Economy (SWiPE) and launches a forthcoming book, Digital Work and the Platform Economy: Understanding Tasks, Skills and Capabilities in the New Era, ed. by Poutanen, S., Kovalainen, A. and Rouvinen, P. Routledge (2019/20).

Visit SWiPE consortium’s website for more information on the consortium. SWiPE is one of the main organisers of WORK2019.